About Zzymzzy

zq_troub_coverRhymes with ‘Whimsy’

The guys from the Zzymzzy Quartet have simple ambitions: they just want to play it like it was when it was unamplified, melodic, swinging, dreamy, full of sly surprise. From the Prohibition through the Second Big War, the glory days of Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington are being recaptured humbly and with humor in San Diego by four musicians who know it don’t mean a thing without that swing:

  • guitar, vocals – Beston Barnett
  • clarinet – Matt Gill
  • upright bass – Paul Hormick
  • guitar, lead vocals – Pete Miesner

The Zzymzzy Quartet takes its name from a hypothetical “last word” in the dictionary: thus, their tagline, “The Last Word in Gypsy Swing.”  The “Gypsy” sound is heard in much of the guitar work, heavily influenced by the stylings of French Gypsy jazz legend Django Reinhardt, but the group also pays tribute to the Swing Era with classic standards and idiomatic originals.  Since the Zzymzzy Quartet came together in 2004, they’ve played dances, parties, weddings, festivals, art openings, and events throughout Southern California to unanimous enthusiasm, carving out a name for themselves as a tasty dance band and a classy addition to every wedding. In 2017, ART HURTS Records released their second CD, Petite Fleur which, on top of inspired playing and elegant arrangements, features cameos from a variety of beloved San Diego musicians.

14 responses to “About Zzymzzy

  1. Nan Renner

    Loooove Zzymzzy!

  2. Olivia Beard

    I love this band! Discovered them at Peoples Coop, bought the CD and have been a fan ever since!!

  3. Judy Bishop

    What a treat, listening and dancing to a very talented Quartet who plays all those treasured songs. Thank you Zzymzzy.

  4. ajruiz22

    these guys swing. Saw them at the Cosmopolitan on more than one occasion. Nice relaxing atmosphere, great rhythm and dance music. Wish more people would discover these guys!

  5. Kate

    Enjoyed the music with my 2 year old son at Nate’s. We will come and see you again!

  6. Jefferson P. Swycaffer

    Hear you at the Continental Hotel in Old Town, and enjoyed! Jolly good fun! Matt wasn’t there, so you were a trio, but you did right fine, and I enjoyed all I heard. The music is lively and happy, and you guys seemed to have a great time. Fun sound! Cheers!

  7. Brian

    You guys are awesome! No more shows at Nate’s Garden Grill?

  8. Kirby Wohlander

    I heard you fellows play at the North Park Library open house. Wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks!

  9. Trudy Jenzer

    Heard your interview and music on KPBS. When and where are you playing? Loved your sound!

  10. Kristine

    You gents are my new favorites in San Diego. You give me SUCH joy!! Thank you for doing what you do and for doing it oh, so well. ❤

  11. Laura

    Love them! Caught them by chance at Panama66. More! More!!

  12. John Adkins

    USED to be the 2nd best at 30’s / 40’s SWING – – – – But now Leon REDBONE is dead – – – so, HOORAY – – – You’re NOW the BEST ! jma

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